A New Year, A New Body:How to target belly fat in 2011

The first week at the Hypoxi studio in Dr. Phillips was quite relaxing. Of course any time you start something new, like the first day of school, a few butterflies form. Robin Owen, the Master Trainer and co-owner, helped reassure me and put my mind at ease. You begin by talking for a short time about your desired body shape and goal. After a quick weigh-in for posterities sake, you are ready to dress in a very flattering, confidence building black colored workout suit that stretches skin tight. Then with their assistance, you wear a special "Vacunaut" suit.
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The "space-like" suit, helps to focus the vacuum power on the core area of your body to aid the sculpting process. Once the suit is on your body, they apply vacuum pressure to your core area as you proceed with a very gentle treadmill exercise program for only 30 minutes. To me, it felt like I was getting two or three times the fat burn from my midsection. For starters, if you are the type of person that says you don't have the time, then this might be for you. If you are an executive in Orlando or a busy mom that just has an hour to work out, this will give you time to exercise, shower , groom and go back to your workday. A key component in the process of burning the "spare tire", is to fuel your body with a breakfast full of carbohydrates. Oatmeal on a workout day with some bananas is an excellent way to fuel the session. In addition, it is important to stay hydrated. During the workout, a cantaloupe infused H2O, was provided to help enhance the experience. Ideally, you should be drinking about 2 liters of water a day while you are on the program. What are the results after week number one? A noticeable loosing inside my pants for one and a feeling of confidence never felt before with exercise. I will give more numerical results as the weeks progress. For those who have started a workout program before and quickly stopped because they were bored or disinterested, this is different. It works because there is a targeted focus on one area, "the belly fat", and it delivers an effective burn to that area. Couple that with personal one-on-one attention and the time flies by while you are having fun and reshaping your body . Perfect for those who resist being a gym rat but want results in a reasonable time with a lot of TLC from the trainers included.