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Week number 4: A New Year, A New Body:How to target belly fat in 2011

My fourth and final week at Hypoxi Studio’s was here. As with all new habits, by the fourth week I was really feeling in harmony with the three day a week workout. My efforts were finally paying off and I felt like the time flew by. I was checking my blood pressure at Publix Supermarkets on a regular basis and was seeing a trend in my blood pressure lowering and my heart rate being more relaxed. One thing that I realized about the Hypoxi Training is that it is complementary to any other activity you might be doing. In my case, I love tennis and golf. These activities utilize upper arm strength which complements the workout of your lower body and fat burning on your abdominal area with Hypoxi Training. It was time for the final measurements. What I knew before looking at them was that I definitely reduced the fat pockets behind the love handles and that I was feeling more energetic on a daily basis. Results will vary from person to person. I was happy with my results because they were leading me towards a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle. Here are my results for the four weeks.

1/10/11       2/7/11

weight 190.4lbs        186.8lbs

breast 97cm        97cm

waist 90cm        90cm

belly 99cm        95.5cm

Total weight lost: 3.6 lbs YES!

Total centimeters lost: 3.5 YES!

Anytime the results are in the right direction it is a definite win…

Join me on my next health adventure in April : Zumba Training and Ball Room Dancing

At the Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio in Windermere at the corner of

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