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Week number 3: A New Year, A New Body:How to target belly fat in 2011

The third week of my training at Hypoxi Studio’s went better. With my emotions more balanced this week I now was feeling more comfortable. My treadmill time was more consistent in raising my heart rate and producing a consistent sweat by the end of the workout. One thing I noticed in my regiment was that when I ate some protein before with my breakfast I felt I was able to burn more off of the targeted area at the waistline. Hypoxi recommends eating mainly carbohydrates prior to the workout and eating protein afterwards. The human body is a complex machine and each of us has unique abilities that optimize our ability to burn fat. I would recommend that you keep a journal of your food intake during the time you are training. Having this journal will help you to identify what time during your training that you optimized your fat burn. It will also keep you honest by recording the foods that might not be helping in the effort. You can share this with the trainers on hand and they might be able to recommend some alternatives, once they see some of the foods you are eating.