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Week number 2: A New Year, A New Body:How to target belly fat in 2011

The second week of my training at Hypoxi Studio’s went well. The personal attention by Mary, Holly and Robin help make the experience most enjoyable and fun. Time goes by so quickly in the 30 minute workout that you start to feel like you want more. During this week, I was dealing with some strong emotions on a personal level. My results were smallish in regard to the weigh in and inch measurements but none the less they were going in the right direction. If I had not been doing the training, I am sure that I would have added several pounds and inches. It is important to realize that we are all human. Judging ourselves in a negative way does not serve us in the long term. So my advice, should you have even the littlest concern or doubt about your progress, is this. Be grateful in that moment and embrace your love for yourself. Your overall health is benefiting greatly from the experience and you are enjoying the moment. Like the game of soccer, sometimes we go backwards to go forwards in life. Accepting who we are at any moment, allows for a change in the next moment. If we resist or do not accept our results at any point, it becomes an emotional weight and pressure to carry forward. Do not fall into this trap. Instead, close your eyes and keep visualizing the new you that you are working towards and move forward!