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ABOUT US:     Health Orlando Online Magazine is a new Online Magazine published by parent company,

Due to our successful launch, we anticipate rapid growth within the healthcare community and thank you for being a part of a great new beginning. If there is anything that we can do to help you to promote your business, special events, and worthy causes, please feel free to contact Ken at 407-883-5798 . We are in service to the public of Orlando and want to make this new online health magazine a dynamic place for people to learn about local health news and breakthrough's in healthcare in Orlando.  Hola and Hello! We are a bilingual online magazine helping you connect with living a healthy life. Whether you live in Dr.Phillips or Maitland, we have Central Florida covered and would like to share the latest that is going on in our region. We hope to be popular with woman and men of all ages as the we have become more aware of the movements towards healthier lifestyles and fitness. Personal responsibility for healthcare is essential and we look to play a lead role in helping you to be better informed and knowledgeable about the choices available to you in today's challenging Healthcare Arena.